Family Counseling
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Family Business

From the earliest times in history, family businesses have existed and prospered. Improved educational opportunities and sexual equality have paved the way for family businesses to seek professional help for internal conflicts and to improve the business atmosphere and communication.

Whether the business is a newly established entrepreneurial dream or a well established generational company, there are inevitable issues that arise.

FAQ:  Our family is divided. We can't seem to agree on anything these days.

     Differences among family members can create an unsurmountable stress and anxiety among members. The expectation that a family unit is cohesive and solid in their approach to issues, is challenged, thus developing a divisive attitude among members and instilling alienation.

When families have differences, they often cannot identify the solution or negotiate an agreement.

Without intervention, the very establishment that has been nurtured by the family can be compromised. Goals of therapy include improved communication and decreased tension in the workplace.